Is this real? 

It seems so perfect that it feels so unreal. The fact that I can not only connect with this person physically but mentally at the same time. She stimulates my mind and sparks up a flame of knowledge that I didn't even know existed. It's all a fire that starts inside of me and I... Continue Reading →


The side 

I lay here as an empty shell. Emotionless and calm. I'm a piece of seaweed that has been pushed into the middle of the waves. I'm drowning as I see the soft bottom of the ocean. Sparkly and deadly glass slices across the floor and I gargle a breath of water. I wish I was... Continue Reading →

You're so addicting i bit the forbidden apple I want more I want more of you more of your touch against my delicate hands more of your warmth.   You're forbidden fruit, you're not mine but you're calling out my name.   You're forbidden fruit, my hands are touching you and here we are.

Drunk thoughts 12:57am

Even through the hardest things I still stood next to you. I held your hand and I told you that I loved you and what did you do? You stood next to me and watched me drown in my own sorrow. You sat there and judged me while I was sinking into a stepper hole.... Continue Reading →

I'm realizing that people come and go. They sit here and analyze how their future will be with you and disregard the fact that soon enough you won't be in the same solar system as them. I feel like every heartbreak is just a thorn that got stuck under your finger and blisters up until... Continue Reading →

Hidden Gem

You lied, the words you carefully wrote knowing your heart would sink in guilt and panic. You lied, not once but twice because you felt like I would never find out, yet the evidence came to me without me searching for it. It melted into my hands and pulled me from every corner of my body.... Continue Reading →

Wouldn't it be easier if I just pushed people away at the first sign of attachement. If I detached myself from love and the burning pain that comes with it.  Sometimes I think to myself why I open up to so many people and let them in. Why do I let someone be a visitor... Continue Reading →

Monday blues 

I felt empty today, I was stuck in bed because it seemed like darkness was more acceptable than light. I drowned my self under the layers of my blankets and gathered all my emotions inside. Empty. I felt absolutely hollow in my own shell. I wasn't upset or mad. I was just empty, no emotions,... Continue Reading →


I just wanted you to want me, i wanted you to look at me the same way you looked at your passions. The same way that your eyes sparkled and you smiled when you spoke about your future. I just wanted you to care. To ask me why I was feeling so sad that day.... Continue Reading →

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