jumping rocks

How do you explain to someone that suicide is on your mind constantly? It's not like you want to attempt it or anything but it's also that little voice in your mind when you are standing on the edge of the rock and it's telling you to jump. I don't know if it's my depression... Continue Reading →


Thought at 6pm

Sometimes I sit down on my couch, like right now and think of all the decisions in my life. Like where I currently stand, why I dropped out of college, why my life would be so much different if I was able to pay off school. I'd be at the university, getting involved, dedicating myself... Continue Reading →

the borders i cross

I'm drowning in a cup of water and these thorns on my wrist are not helping my situation. There is ICE on one hand pulling my strings, yanking me off my American Dream and telling me that I don't belong here.  I am not born from the soil inside of the borders, I am an... Continue Reading →


In the past couple of weeks I have lost friendships, and it's not because they were the end of the story but mostly because I didn't want to fix those friendships. I don't want to talk about what happened and what went wrong or how to fix the problem at hand. One of them was... Continue Reading →


Do you ever feel like karma is getting back to you. Like those old mistakes that you thought were harmless are now getting back to you? It feels like you're finally paying your debt for all the shady shit that comes out of your mind. That one time you told your girlfriend that your ex... Continue Reading →

Is this real? 

It seems so perfect that it feels so unreal. The fact that I can not only connect with this person physically but mentally at the same time. She stimulates my mind and sparks up a flame of knowledge that I didn't even know existed. It's all a fire that starts inside of me and I... Continue Reading →

The side 

I lay here as an empty shell. Emotionless and calm. I'm a piece of seaweed that has been pushed into the middle of the waves. I'm drowning as I see the soft bottom of the ocean. Sparkly and deadly glass slices across the floor and I gargle a breath of water. I wish I was... Continue Reading →

You're so addicting i bit the forbidden apple I want more I want more of you more of your touch against my delicate hands more of your warmth.   You're forbidden fruit, you're not mine but you're calling out my name.   You're forbidden fruit, my hands are touching you and here we are.


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