Acceptance, Unconditional Love, and Security

If anybody knows the feeling of security with someone, the feeling that you’re going to end up marrying this person because they’re so perfect to you. Perfect together. Words can’t even explain the amount of love that I have for you.

I love cracking my eyes open in the morning and seeing the face of an angel laying down next to me.

My body, the one that has been invaded by so many evil souls lays to rest against yours in complete vulnerability.

I’m open to you,  I stopped being an open book and started being a clear jellyfish to you. I’m never scared to share my thoughts with you and you embrace that about me.

You accept me for who I am, the clumsy, strong minded, passionate, and stubborn person that I am.

You love me when I forget to love my self, when I am struggling and ripping the grass our of my head.

You calm me down, I’m a storm in your island and it seems like you don’t care at the fact that it’s a little chaotic.

Acceptance, Unconditional Love, and Security.


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