In the past couple of weeks I have lost friendships, and it’s not because they were the end of the story but mostly because I didn’t want to fix those friendships. I don’t want to talk about what happened and what went wrong or how to fix the problem at hand.

One of them was my friend that I’ve known since elementary school and was neighbors back home. Things started getting shaky when she started speaking to this fraternity boy who wasn’t taking her serious and just wanted sex and food. Food from my own cabinet and fridge. He basically lived with us to say the least, he showered, slept, chilled, and ate our food like an entitled asshole. He would never ask if he could have some, he just kind of helped himself and never pitched in for food or replaced it.

Anyways, back to my point to the trail of how we just ended our friendship. We had all agreed that on a certain day maintenance was going to come into our apartment and fumigate the place. We were supposed to move all of our kitchen stuff out of the kitchen and cover it. Well she decided to leave town for the weekend and not participate in the cleaning and washing the dishes. So I decided to put all her stuff in a box and put it in the corner of the kitchen. She came back the next day without telling us that her parents were going to be dropping her off and we were drinking in the apartment the day before. Why didn’t she tell us? I don’t know but it was fucked up. Ever since then we didn’t speak, she wouldn’t look me in the eyes or make any sort of contact with me because she knew that she had fucked up.

She left the apartment without contributing in cleaning life if she only used her room and everything else was on us. It was ridiculous but a lesson was learned that day, don’t be scared to loose friendships.



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