Sunday & Steph

She was telling me about her ex girlfriend. I was looking at the tree that was lighting up with roses on one side and dark green on the other. I could smell the sweetness of each branch and feel the roughness of the wind push its delicate wings. She said that they broke up because there was no communication skills between them. Her past relationship was pushed inwards and silenced to a point in which there was no solution to her issues. It was a bad relationship she said, and continue to tell me how her and her ex met.

While this was happening the tree turned bitter, and the green leaves turned black. I started reflecting on my life and how I was like the tree that was glowing up and shutting down. I was the perfect representation of what I was looking at. This girl that was sitting next to me was opening herself to me about her breakup with her girlfriend of two years. She was hurting and I could feel the pain she was in by the way she spoke about her ex-girlfriend. She admitted her fault and said that she loved her even if she couldn’t be with her. It was absolutely beautiful and magical.


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