5:22am-dreaming of you


I woke up so suddenly that it startled me. I thought about all the things that I could do at 5 in the morning like going to see the sunrise on top of monkey face. I could also walk out and take some photos while the city was barely waking up. Instead, I charged my phone and went back to sleep again…

In my dream, we were in my bed and you were on the left side of the bed as always. I felt your warm body pressed against mine. Then your arm moved to pull me closer, and my body flowed with yours. I saw your sleepy eyes crack open and leaning in for a kiss as I smiled remembering how good this felt. Then I woke up, and realized that you weren’t by my side. I realized that Jaxxx was learned up against by chest, something that he’s never done. Maybe he realized that I was missing you and wanted to reassure that I still had someone by my side.


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