“where have you been?”

I went back home for the weekend before spring break ended and the question of this weekend was “where have you been?”.

“Where have you been?” Yeah where have I been? Well, I don’t even know where I have been but I know I haven’t been here exactly. I’ve been disconnected from every I know. All my friends and family members have not heard from me in a couple months because I’ve been working on myself. I stopped texting people that I spoke to every single day, I stopped making plans with people when I went back home. I stopped going out to parties with the crowd I would always get drunk with. I started focusing on myself, and my own needs. If my day was going shitty, I started going in my room and taking care of my emotions. Whenever I needed space, I went hiking and really had a 1 on 1 with myself to clear my thoughts.

I realized that when I distanced myself from people not a lot of people were there to ask me if something was wrong. Nobody dared to bother to text me. I liked it in a weird way, I liked the fact that I had time to think for myself and be alone. Alone. Something I used to have but started loving now.



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