raves and realizations

Last night I went to see Deorro in concert at the Senator Theater with my friends and coworker. It was a very exciting thing for me since I haven’t gone to a concert in a while nor gone out like that. It also taught me a lot of things that I have accomplished since the last time I went to a rave.

Well, to start off last time I was at a rave, I wasn’t living with my parents anymore because of my sexuality. My parents found out I was into girls and to them it didn’t make sense how they’re daughter all of a sudden liked girls. Turns out that I ended up walking out of my house that night and went to live with one of my best friends house. I remember I went to the rave it was one of the things that made me forget about my issues like where I was going to live in the fall semester of my third year of college. I was technically homeless, didn’t have anywhere to go, but I wanted to continue being in school.

To make this long story short I hadn’t gone to a rave ever since then and last night it made me realize how blessed I am of being able to step out of that problem and succeed on my own. It hasn’t been the happiest and easiest experience but it definitely made me open my eyes to a lot of things.

Another thing I realized was that I’m slowly loving my body and I realized this when I took off my sweater and was dancing with my bra and shorts out in a huge crowd. I told myself” why not? ” and took my sweater off. I danced like nobody was watching and I was so focused on enjoying the show that I didn’t realize I was showing my stomach this whole time or that I had love handles. It was so beautiful and exciting.




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