Life before and after Jaxxx

Last year around this time I decided to start looking at possibly owning a dog. I’ve never owned a dog so I knew it was going to be a responsibility but I felt like I needed a permanent companion. I had barely started spinning out of the magnetic black hole I was in.

I had recently moved 4 hours away from the Bay Area, shared an apartment with 3 other girls and had a full time job.

I remember the day that I decided to get Jaxxx it was on complete impulse. I had the money, I was close by and I wanted a dog most importantly. I drove 4 hours away from where I was that day and got Jaxxx from a friend whose dog had puppies. He was heavy. I remember when I picked him up he started crying in my arms on the way home. I got him settled in his seat and the whole ride home he just looked at me with those big glossy eyes.

Jaxxx just turned 1 this past December, it’s about to be a year since I’ve owned him. There have definitely been some times where I question if I have the ability to give him the best life he deserves, but then I think about how many times we’ve been on adventures together. How many times we have driven up and down California sticking his head out the window and sleeping in the back seat.

Jaxxx being my first dog in my life and having him in my college years has probably been the greatest decisions in my life.



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