1:30am thoughts

I gather all my thoughts at night, it’s the weirdest thing. I was born at midnight and my mother would always tell me that it was such an odd time.

My mind is always racing back and fourth after the clock strikes 12. So odd.

I also find myself being a lot more creative at night, and I remember this lady once told me at my job that I was the daughter of the moon. This lady which I told none of my secrets to or personal experiences was telling me that I get no sleep because I am usually up thinking. Yeah, she was completely right it was unbelievable.

I tend to have more of a grasp on my life when I stay up late and wake up late. If only I was able to work during the night and sleep during the day.

Lately my thoughts have been carving their way into my soul and burning down my happiness. It’s the way those unspoken words will never touch the tips of your lips. Or how I loved you so much, I felt an echo of myself shadowing through my dignity. I lure my own self into sadness and despair. At the end of the day all I know is I have to be fair to myself.


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