Pieces of the story- Drives

I remember I was getting ready for bed, I had just showered, I smoked a bowl, took off my bra, and snuggled under the sheets. Everyone was currently in the Bay because well when sorority sisters got together, there was always a party. This time I was at home with Jaxxx because I found no point in just going to party for a night.

They texted me saying “ lets go to the bay”, I wasn’t convinced because I was already half way through the twilight zone. It was one of those nights that you only see in movies, where theres a box of beer in the back, a bong getting rotated, and music blasting through the speakers. Everything was perfect in that moment, in that moment I realized that this is what I left my house for, to experience life so I can pass my stories forward one day. To tell kids that after all the hard work, tears, and disappointment the day still passes by. You have to live a little.

It hit me, hard. I felt the slice of the car going through my body and instantly I knew I would either die or be paralyzed for the rest of my life. Every millisecond felt real and intense. I couldn’t feel anything, I was in shock but I knew that as soon as my body woke up I would be wishing I was dead. A rush of thoughts came into my head from hospital bills, Jaxxx, my job, not being able to walk like I should. My body flew along with the car 10 feet sideways tumbling and rolling down the highway intersection. I saw everyones body tumbling, tears slowly rolling as we spun in circles. I couldn’t grasp any air….


to be continued…..


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