Alcohol & Your Fist

You did it. You hit her with not the emotional nasty words that come out of your mouth when you're drunk. You physically made her fear you. You threw your fist in the sky and her face looked at you in fear. Alcohol makes you do scary things. Alcohol makes you emotional. Alcohol makes you... Continue Reading →



I feel like I have a lot on my plate and when I don't I feel empty. I feel like I can't be successful unless I'm sleepless and stressed. I want to pursue a future career and I feel like every single time I try to get back on my feet something else happens. Now... Continue Reading →

January 27th, 2018 @ 2:28pm

The thought of suicide has been triggering in my mind lately. I haven't felt like this for a while and I thought it was all going so well. That I skipped the winter blues. I am drained, I find no motivation to do anything. I cry randomly at the thought of being left alone in... Continue Reading →

what’s wrong?

I've been missing in action since classes started. This was my first semester back in class and it felt like I was unstoppable. Everything was rushed, my life didn't take a pause or a breath at any given point. It stopped. The chaos of papers, meetings, ideas, thoughts, stress has stopped, temporarily. Now I feel... Continue Reading →

catching up

I haven't been writing lately because school started and I've been so busy with meetings, homework, work and training that I just don't have time. So I decided to write about what I've been doing this whole time I haven't been writing. School- This is my first semester back in school (physically and full time)... Continue Reading →


what do you do when you see someone loses interest in you. The long FaceTime calls turn into "i'll let you go, goodnight" when you can see them on their phone texting someone. There's a past history of cheating with this person. What do you do? Do you confront it and look like a crazy,... Continue Reading →

unripe petals

*Warning: This post may be triggering to those who have been a victim of sexual assault* I remember vividly one of the first times he forced himself on me. We were at his parents house and I remember his family was with mine at the pool. Not that far away but far enough that nobody... Continue Reading →

jumping rocks

How do you explain to someone that suicide is on your mind constantly? It's not like you want to attempt it or anything but it's also that little voice in your mind when you are standing on the edge of the rock and it's telling you to jump. I don't know if it's my depression... Continue Reading →

Thought at 6pm

Sometimes I sit down on my couch, like right now and think of all the decisions in my life. Like where I currently stand, why I dropped out of college, why my life would be so much different if I was able to pay off school. I'd be at the university, getting involved, dedicating myself... Continue Reading →

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